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Looking back at World Cup 2014 and before…

This is a belated post almost two weeks after the 2014 World Cup Soccer ended in soccer-crazy Brazil… I have always enjoyed watching World Cup with my friends once in every four years and the different tournaments marked a different period of my life. Just to highlight a few: >>> 1974 & 1978 <<< That’s […]

Have you watched Sand Art before? Recently, a friend introduced this to me…

A few weeks back, an old friend visited me and introduced me to this beautiful art form called sand art.  To me, all I know is building sandcastles in the air and never can imagine one can do such a magical thing with just sand! He said it was first introduced to China during the […]

Highlights of Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City, Vietnam

Last month, in August 2011, I visited Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City, Vietnam… Though many of my country mates have visited in the past decades since the war, it was my first! Frankly, it’s been a long while since I learned much about Vietnam from Anthony Grey (a journalist)’s book, ‘Saigon’, a novel that helped […]

World No Tobacco Day – Did You Stop Smoking?

TODAY, 31 May 2011, is ‘World No Tobacco Day’ NOTE: For more info on World No Tobacco Day, please see the excerpt from Wikipedia below. When I heard about this special day on radio this morning, it brought back a flood of memories of how I once was a compulsive smoker for a quarter of […]

Office Anniversary Celebration 17th May 2011

Yesterday, on Vesak Day, 17th May 2011, Internet Business Coaching Pte Ltd — one of my companies — celebrated our first office anniversary at Waterloo Centre. Before we know it, it’s already a year since we moved into this office at from Bylands Building, our previous office. Since Bylands, this has become a tradition whereby […]

Two weeks into 2011… things are getting exciting…

Probably due to the change in weather – as everyone says – I was down with a bout of flu right after coming back from Beijing… I literally slept almost non-stop for 36 hours straight! Anyway, that concluded 2010 and things are getting exciting in 2011 even though it’s just two weeks into a brand […]

What I hate most about having coffee alone…

Well what I really like best in life is to have a cup of coffee in a cafe and read and… write (that’s where all my emails come from LOL). However, there’s one thing I hate most when I’m having coffee alone… No, it’s NOT: …having no one to talk to …getting bored (how can […]

INVITATION to a *SPECIAL* Preview tomorrow…

In case you are looking to start a small business that is: … LOW risk … HIGH return … EASY to start Then you might want to come with a friend or two to attend this SPECIAL PREVIEW *TOMORROW* (details below). I apologize for the short notice as I was busy preparing to fly to […]

Rambling thoughts after a fruitful trip to California…

As I sit at my home study having my usual oat breakfast, and taking a short reprieve from my work, these are some random rambling thoughts that come to mind (after returning from a 2-week trip to California)… TRAVEL Would you prefer to go on a long or short trip? Certainly both have their pros […]

Giving Pledge by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and 40 billionaires

I saw this good news on TV this morning… that the Giving Pledge started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet six weeks ago achieved tremendous success. Essentially, Bill and Buffet started this campaign – asking the 400 wealthiest men in the country to give away half their wealth or more! What an amazing drive. And […]