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An EXCITING Week Went By :-)

Last week was pretty EXCITING for me… Here are THREE updates to share: UPDATE #1: My FIRST iPhone workshop I conducted my first iPhone workshop last week. It was supposed to be a mini workshop from 7-10 pm. Guess what time we finished? Well… it was the LATEST workshop I ever conducted!! The class left […]

TRAVEL TIP: Location-based Social Networking

The next time you travel either for business or holiday, try the latest location-based social networking trend which allows you to discover: What’s happening in the area where you currently are (eg. great food, special offers or events); and Whether any of your friends are around there (so you can connect with them there!) All […]

Apple 4G iPhone is launching…

Here’s the poster displayed at the entrance of the Apple Shop at Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York:

Apple iPad Review @5th Avenue, New York

I am writing this iPad review on one of the many demo iPads at the Apple shop at Fifth Avenue, New York which is open 24 hours! Frankly, I’m having quite a lot of challenge with the soft keyboard here…so I will complete this later on my own laptop… (to be continued) Alright – Finally, […]

Kennedy Space Centre

Orlando vacations aren’t complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center which is just an hour by road from the Disney attractions and theme parks (like Epcot Center). And so, I made a day trip there last Thursday, 3 Jun 2010. Kennedy Space CenterĀ is where the National Administration and Space Agency (NASA)’s launch headquarters are […]

Wifi on Airplane from 30,000 FEET ABOVE!

Monday, 31st May 2010. As we flew from New York to Orlando, I typed these words in my email to my subscribers while the plane was going thru SERIOUS turbulence: ——— EXCERPT FROM EMAIL TO MY SUBSCRIBERS ——– I almost couldn’t believe my eyes – That we could go online and send emails, surf the […]