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Japan 2014 Part 1: Hokkaido

GREETINGS from Hokkaido! As we traveled in Hokkaido free and easy for a week in Hokkaido, now I understand why a friend of mine as well as our family doctor kept coming back to Hokkaido for holidays! Here are some of the reasons why… >>> Hokkaido is Spacious <<< Hokkaido, being the second largest island […]

Rambling thoughts after a fruitful trip to California…

As I sit at my home study having my usual oat breakfast, and taking a short reprieve from my work, these are some random rambling thoughts that come to mind (after returning from a 2-week trip to California)… TRAVEL Would you prefer to go on a long or short trip? Certainly both have their pros […]

TRAVEL TIP: Check out SilverKris before you travel…

On my recent flight back to Singapore from New York, I was flipping through SilverKris – Singapore Airlines’ Travel Magazine – and just found out… Although SilverKris is a great travel magazine (and one of my favorite) that’s filled with lots of useful information (facts, tips and recommendations). However, it used to be only available […]

TRAVEL TIP: Location-based Social Networking

The next time you travel either for business or holiday, try the latest location-based social networking trend which allows you to discover: What’s happening in the area where you currently are (eg. great food, special offers or events); and Whether any of your friends are around there (so you can connect with them there!) All […]