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Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013…

Once again, we have reached that moment in time where we sit back and reflect on our life at large… … and then perhaps set some New Year resolutions that we will forget all about in just a week or two 🙂 Anyway… what I can say that this year end, I could at least […]

Revisiting USA: Berkeley, Oakland & San Francisco Part 2

After checking out from Berkeley City Club, we took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) over to Oakland which is just a few stops away… The weather was exceptionally hot yesterday, around 27 deg C, much like Singapore, so we decided to go near some water to chill out and went to Jack London Square, […]

Revisiting USA: Berkeley, Oakland & San Francisco Part 1

It’s early Saturday morning here as I sip my coffee and soon go around Berkeley and nearby Oakland, just across the bay from San Francisco. As I flew in a couple of days ago to join my wife (after she attended a conference here) for a short vacation, I find myself waking up around 3.30 […]

Rambling thoughts after a fruitful trip to California…

As I sit at my home study having my usual oat breakfast, and taking a short reprieve from my work, these are some random rambling thoughts that come to mind (after returning from a 2-week trip to California)… TRAVEL Would you prefer to go on a long or short trip? Certainly both have their pros […]

The scenic coast of Malibu to Oxnard (near Santa Barbara)

TODAY, I had a super long day of driving up the West coast of USA (the road never seems to end!) Left San Marcos (near San Diego) in the late morning, we visited Carlsbad premier outlet. After that, we headed up north to Long Beach. From there, we headed to Santa Monica, a nice city […]

A wonderful evening at San Marcos, San Diego

Enjoying a wonderful evening at the food outlet at San Marcos, San Diego before going for coffee at Ryan Bros Coffee and then a delicious dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory:

1-Day FREE & EASY Tour of San Diego

After a 3-day advanced internet workshop I attended concluded in San Marcos — about 30 minutes north of San Diego — I went on a one-day tour in a rented car… … touring the beach at La Jolla …visited the Coronado Island where the beautiful and majestic Hotel del Coronado (affectionately called Hotel Del) is […]

Freeway scene at San Marcos, 45 mins north of San Diego

Below is a short video clip of the freeway scene on a Sunday at San Marcos, 45 minutes north of San Diego, USA, next to where I attended a 3-day internet marketing seminar:

Interesting dinner outlets at San Marcos, 45 mins north of San Diego

Here’s a video of an interesting dinner outlet at San Marcos, 45 mins north of San Diego, with a fire and water fountain neck to neck 🙂 If you love spaghetti, your satisfaction is guaranteed at the Old Spaghetti Factory here:

My second U.S. trip in 2010, starting from San Diego…

Finally! We arrived in San Diego to start a 2-week holiday after flying for about 16 hours to LA and driving 3 hours (which I had to fight my heavy eyelids from closing most of the time). And… I just wanted to share with you how my HOLIDAY turned into a RETREAT. Plus… a little […]