20140225_roger_yukiA MIRACLE just happened to me this morning…

… as I sat down at the Coffee Kaki Cafe at AMK Hub, ordered a coffee and about to do a bit of work.

But before, I usually clear my messages on my phone…

So I fired up Whatsapp and checked that one of my many chat groups was rather active. I participated as usual… and messages just went to and fro in these days of social and mobile media.

A friend, Yuki — Singapore’s top belly dancer who owns a dancing business and studio — just got into the chat and was surprised that there were dozens of messages this morning, perhaps 50 in just 2 to 3 hours, and some were even in Chinese.

As I was replying to one of Yuki’s messages in particular, I saw someone walked past me and oops… that looks like Yuki… And YES, it’s her!!!

And I stopped texting in mid-sentence as the REAL Yuki appeared miraculously and I shouted to her, “Yuki!” She looked around and was astonished!

And guess what?

That’s NOT the first miracle between me and Yuki… which happened during the end of last year before Christmas… I will be sharing about this in my next post. Please stay tuned 🙂