2014_roger_ukeleleLife is unpredictable!

And I mean it in the positive sense…

What do I mean?

Well a few years ago, I first saw a ukelele in KL while I was in MidValley Megamall shopping for an acoustic guitar and had absolutely no idea what this little creature is all about! And the best part was… it was a PINK little thing which I thought it was just a little toy 🙂

FAST FORWARD a few years:

>>> March 2014 <<<

I went to a friend’s place to jam on the guitar and his digital piano… after the happy jam session, he showed me his new toy: a ukelele — by that time I already knew what it is but had not much knowledge about it besides its name — as well as some songbooks and instructional song sheets…

One look at the ukelele C chord diagram which looks exactly like the G chord on the guitar with only the ‘bottom’ four strings and I freaked out and exclaimed, “I’m NOT going to learn this instrument because I will be totally confused!”

And I meant my words but…

… for only less than two months. Here’s why:

>>> May 2014 <<<

On the evening of Tuesday 6th May, I had to pass my friend some stuff that she needs urgently…

So she asked me to meet her at a HDB area after her ukelele class. I said why not and since we meet, we might as well have a quick coffee… and she agreed.

And then when I met her, and after having a light supper and in the midst of my usual midnight coffee, I asked to see her ukelele and what she had learned. Oh yes, I told her what I just told you above… that I will NOT touch a ukelele as the chords are so confusing to me!

She gladly showed me her song sheets and also how to play C, F and G plus A minor chords on the ukelele… It took me a few moments that guitar and ukelele chords are either a fifth or fourth apart depends on how you look at it… which means:

– If you play the ‘bottom’ four-stringed ‘Guitar G’ chord on the ukelele, it is actually a C chord

– If you play ‘bottom’ four-stringed ‘Guitar C’ chord on the ukelele, it is actually a F chord

– If you play ‘bottom’ four-stringed ‘Guitar D’ chord on the ukelele, it is actually a G chord

Once I realized that, I was strumming away on her ukelele singing songs like Amazing Grace, All I have to do is dream and she was shocked!

And then I was hooked…

Over the weekend I borrowed her ukelele and instruction book which I literally gobbled up overnight… And soon, I will get my own ukeleles and that will add immense fun to my jamming sessions as well as with friends who want to get started learning to play a musical instrument because

The Ukelele is an EASY Instrument to get started…

Can you imagine that to play these two chords C or A minor on the ukelele, you only need to press one string and strum?

To play F, you press two strings, and to play G, you press three strings…

And that’s it, you’re off to strum 80% of the pop songs out there in the world!

And the BEST part is… it’s affordable as the budget models start from even below SGD20… and it’s so portable as it is so light and small, I will leave one next to my bedside and probably carry two in the car to jam any time, any where!

Perhaps, I might join or start a ukelele interest and jamming group soon in Singapore, so if you’re keen, please PM me in Facebook www.facebook.com/rogerloh or email me at rogerloh.sg@gmail.com and we will have loads of fun!

Now, my target is to play this wonderful song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ like Jake Shimabukuro (I’m kidding LOL!):